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Quick PHP Password Protection (Login System)


Note: This app is no longer supported or updated. I do not make any guarantees about it working on new versions of PHP, or with new systems. This app was tested 2 years ago on PHP 4.

Quick PHP Password Protection is a single user PHP login system which is secure, quick to implement, and requires no database. Perfect for small web apps, scripts, and personal pages which only have a single admin using them.

Demo Login Username and Password: admin, admin

Example Usage


That’s all it takes! One line of effective code (not counting the class include and init), and you’ve password protected a page!


  • Secure. Tested brute force and SQL Injection proof.
  • Extremely easy implementation. One line of code, and you’re done.
  • No database required. Settings stored in INI file.
  • Note: this is a single user system ONLY. Multiple users are not supported. This is designed for small projects, web apps, and personal pages.