10 percent reservation bill: Victory for social justice: PM Narendra Modi on passage of Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the passage of the Constitutional (124th Amendment) Bill “a victory for social justice”.

The Rajya Sabha today passed the constitutional amendment bill to provide 10 percent reservation in education and government jobs for ‘economically weak’ people across castes and religions.

Shortly after the passage of the bill, the Prime Minister said that he is glad to see such widespread support for the Bill.

The Prime Minister said that the bill “ensures a wider canvas for our Yuva Shakti to showcase their prowess and contribute towards India’s transformation”.

PM Modi said that the passage of the bill is a tribute to the makers of the Constitution and the great freedom fighters.

Earlier today, the Upper House passed the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill with an overwhelming majority. On Tuesday, the Lok Sabha had passed the same bill with virtually all parties supporting it despite the opposition calling the proposed law a pre-poll ‘stunt’ of the Modi government.

On Monday, the government had extended the proceedings of Rajya Sabha by a day to ensure the passage of the bill. The decision (to extend the proceedings) came after the government approved a 10 per cent job and education quota for “economically weaker” sections, meeting a key demand of upper castes.

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