Clocker Crams a World Clock into Your Menu Bar

Mac: Your Mac has a world clock built into it, but it’s relegated to the Notification Center and stuck in analog for some reason. Clocker lets you jam that world clock into the menu bar, where’s it’s easily accessible.As you’d expect, you can add any number of locations to Clocker and it’ll show [...]

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Your Best Weird Food Habits, Securing Online Accounts From Shady Apps, and the Appeal of Conspiracy Theories

This week we confessed our favorite freaky food concoctions—think Doritos peanut butter sandwiches and buttered ramen—secured our online accounts by revoking access from shady apps, looked at the ramifications of Trump’s tax plan, and more. Here’s a look back at this week’s most popular posts.Remember a few weeks ago, when I asked you [...]

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All the Passive Aggressive Stuff You Should Never Do in a Relationship

Nobody enjoys being with someone who is always passive aggressive. If you’re not sure what that looks like, here’s an excellent, and funny, demonstration.“The key to a great relationship is control...” says the doomed couple in this video from the AwakenWithJP YouTube channel. “Control is the thread that keeps your relationship together, and [...]

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Go Ahead, Have That Fourth Cup of Coffee

The review, which is the most exhaustive of its kind to date, was led by Esther Myers, specialist in systematic research reviews at the International Life Sciences Institute. Myers and her team, who are presenting the findings this week at the Experimental Biology conference in Chicago, looked at how different levels of caffeine [...]

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Here’s What Tends to Happen When Broadband Companies “Self Regulate”

Net neutrality is on the chopping block, and one drum that FCC chairman Ajit Pai keeps beating is the idea that without government intervention, broadband companies like your internet service provider and wireless carrier will regulate themselves. Let’s see what history has to say about that.Broadband companies are already some of the most [...]

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